7 Printable Bathroom Signs to Help Get Your Kids to Flush The Toilet … Every Time

be-a-superhero-flush-your-turdsOur kids are 8, 6, 6, and 6. 2 boys, 2 girls. Getting them to flush their turds has been my Everest these last couple years.

The other day I saw a sign in a bathroom that reminded users to not flush anything (besides TP) down the toilet. A visual reminder in a perfect spot. The light bulb went off.

I sat down with my kids and created these signs with them. Why?

  1. It was fun, and funny.
  2. They got to buy in on the idea.

I wanted to share those signs with you.

Results: We’re 5 days in and so far I haven’t walked in on any floaties. There is still peepee all over the seat (which we’ll make signs for after we tackle problem #1 … I meant #2). So we’re happy right now.


Bathroom Signs to Help Get Your Kids to Flush The Toilet











Flush the Toilet Helper


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