Bullying Prevention: What Parents Can Do

Kids are back to school which means so are the bullies. How does a parent care for a bullied child? What are some signs you kids is being bullied … or that they are the bully? What can we do to prevent bullying online? In this episode of the Parenting Academy podcast you are going to get a lot of great bullying content.


About Roy Baldwin
I would like to introduce our guest. He is Roy Baldwin. Roy has the honor of being married to his best friend, Karen, and leading and loving his three children. Roy has worked with at-risk youth and parents for over 20 years in different settings. From the streets of New York City as a Family Advocate to the countryside of Central PA as a surrogate parent with his wife and as an administrator at a therapeutic foster care agency, Roy has experienced first hand the challenges of today’s family. He speaks quite frequently on bullying and he’s hear today to dive into that subject. But first …

Podcast Questions

We like to start off each podcast with this question, Best Parenting Advice you ever received?

How can a parent tell if there child is being bullied? What are some obvious (and non-obvious) signs?

What can a parent do about a bullied child?

What if your child is the one doing the bullying?

My child sees a kid being bullied, what’s a good response to teach them to do?

Cyberbulling – how does a parent deal with that?

What are some good resources for parents to learn more about bullying?


About the Author:

Mike lives life by the motto "Adventure is Out There". He's a foster parent, adoptive parent, and even went the biological route (twice). Mike likes MMA, video games, hiking, making websites, and (lots of) coffee. You can find him at MikeRuman.com. Oh, and he is the founder of Parenting Academy.